Our Short Story

We incorporated the above real estate investing company on February-1-2010. In the almost ten years since, we have acquired 61 properties in three provinces worth just over $25 million, 49 of those were for Rent-To-Own deals, 11 for buy-and-hold...and one for our home in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

But the craziest part is that we have yet to invest ONE dollar of our own money in that $25 million. The next crazy part is that at its peak, when I was managing 27 rent-to-own deals in the fall of 2014, our total MONTHLY cashflow was $15,875 (just North of $190k per year…)

So now I teach a course called RTO-BIAB—Rent-To-Own - Business In A Binder—where I show people and mentor them on how to set up RTO deals the way I’ve been setting them up for nearly ten years. I also teach a course called Revolutionary JV Strategy where I show people how to set up Joint Ventures using the UNIQUE strategy I’ve invented and I’ve used to acquire those 61 properties. And finally, I teach another course called The RRSP Mortgage Advantage where I show people how to use other people’s registered funds to finance ALL their properties up to 100% loan-to-value.

Question: if you could set up as many deals as you want because you are not using your credit or your funds, how many could you set up over the next 10 years? 10…25…61…100…? YOU decide…not the banks, not the lenders, not the mortgage agents…you do as many as YOU decide YOU want to do.

So, if you’re interested in any of those three courses, or just curious and you have some questions, call me at 613-558-5526 or email me at daniel.g.stjean@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you with more details ASAP.


There are MANY reasons why RTO is, in my humble…but very experienced opinion, THE best Real State Investing Strategy out there. Here are just a few of them:

With RTO, you can REALLY help families who want to get into a house but can’t for a variety of reasons.
With RTO, you know your exit strategy and the timing of it and the tenant-buyers take care of the property.
RTO deals have the potential for great profit, you get paid a bunch in advance, and the cashflow is great!

My course is divided into two parts. PART-ONE is the LEARNING where I share with you what I know about running a successful business, setting up successful RTO deals (our success rate so far is 96%), where to find potential JV partners and how to reel them in, how to finance your deals up to 100% LTV using RRSP mortgages and my Revolutionary JV Strategy, how to find and vet great tenant-buyers.

You also get ALL my contracts and agreements to be used with investors, JV partners, and tenant-buyers, and all my checklists and other documents I use with investors and tenant-buyers.

Once we are done with PART-ONE, we move to PART-TWO where YOU take action, remembering that our goal is for YOU to set up 3 profitable, cashflowing RTO deals within the next 12 to 18 months.

PART-TWO is all about DOING, with YOU setting up your advertising and marketing (with my supervision), YOU connecting with your prospect tenant-buyers (with my supervision), YOU getting them pre-approved for your RTO program (with my supervision), YOU finding the house (with my supervision), YOU getting everything in place with the investors at the start and at the end to close the deal (with my supervision), and YOU closing the deal.

The end goal of my RTO-BIAB Course is for me to assist you, supervise you, coach you and hold your hand for the first three RTO deals… because once you’ve set up three properly…it’s just rinse and repeat for the next 5…10…15…as many as you want.

FYI, I teach this course face-to-face one-on-one, or live in a group setting of 10 students maximum.


My wife will tell you that I am really attached to CONTROL…that’s just the way I’m made. So from day one I could not imagine setting up JV partnerships with dozens of investors for dozens of deals where they would hold 50% of the control because we are splitting everything 50-50…or whatever the numbers are. I could not bear the thought of “splitting” because that to me was another word for not-in-control

So I invented a new, revolutionary way to set up JVs where;

The investor who gets the first mortgage is referred to by CRA as the Legal Owner of the property but I am the Beneficial owner of the property
The Legal Owner is paid a Service Fee for rendering a service as if he was a “consultant”
On closing day at disposition, all the leftover money goes to ME, the Beneficial Owner
The Beneficial Owner gets to keep ALL the net profit from the deal
The Beneficial Owner is 100% IN CONTROL of the deal at all times. It’s MY deal, I am the
DRIVER of the car…everyone else is just a passenger in MY car (deal)

You might be thinking this is too one-sided and no smart investor would go for this. But they do… and they repeat and they LOVE it because with my strategy they are guaranteed their return, they cannot lose money, they are not responsible for expenses or shortfalls or bookkeeping and accounting. Busy people LOVE this “hands-off (the steering wheel), hassle-free, passive investment that delivers high, predictable (another word for guaranteed) returns”.

And I promise you that once you see how this works for you and for your investors, you will NOT want to use ever again the old, tired, traditional, conventional JV formula.

I teach my students where to find JV partners, how to reel them in by educating them on this revolutionary strategy, and they get a copy of my joint venture agreement and all the schedules so they can set up their deals—RTO, flip, BRRRRR, buy-and-hold, etc.—the same way I’ve set up mine.

FYI, I teach this course face-to-face one-on-one, or live in a group setting of 20 students maximum.

The RRSP Mortgage Advantage—COURSE

$1,325,000,000,000 (1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS…TRILLION…with a ‘T’)

That’s the amount of registered funds Canadians have saved up as of the end of June 2019… almost all of it sitting in banks and trust companies earning zero interest…or they’re invested in mutual funds and the stock market earning not a whole lot…

So finding people who are not happy with that situation is like shooting fish in a barrel…especially after you tell them they could be earning 10% to 12% interest annually with perfectly secured mortgages on good quality properties in great neighborhoods.

As of the end of September, I have used just over $5 million of registered funds to set up almost 80 mortgages on our various deals. They work, and they’re easy to set up…once someone (me) shows you how. You can use this strategy to finance as many deals as you want.

Again, I teach my students where to find RRSP (RESP, RRIF, TFSA, LIRA) investors, how to reel them in, they get all my agreements and they learn how to fill the paperwork for Olympia Trust, the only company in Canada we deal with to set up RRSP mortgage.

FYI, I teach this course face-to-face one-on-one, or live in a group setting of 20 students maximum.