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We’re proud of these awards… and we take every opportunity to show them! Pictures say more than words, so please take a look.

Recipient of one of REIN's Top Player of the Year Awards (Ontario) for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017

Recipient of the REIN Joint Venture Partner of the Year Award (Ontario) for 2014

Recipient of the REIN Leslie Cluff Memorial Player of the Year Award (Ontario) for 2014

Recipient of the REIN Michael Millenaar Memorial Leadership Award (Ontario) for 2015



"I've gotten to know Daniel over the last few years in a business context. During that time I've noticed that he is a man of his word and consistent in what he does. I'm a little surprised at times at the things he commits to, but true to his nature he is able to do what he commits to, overcoming whatever “obstacles” he encounters along the way. He always seems full of energy and life, even when things don't appear to be running as smoothly as planned. It's been a pleasure to work with Daniel and I think I enjoy his off the wall humour the most."
John R. Walsh, B.Eng, Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Partners

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