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Arm's Length Mortgages: a strategy for sophisticated investors who want a better return on their registered investments

Are you unhappy with your current RRSP returns?

What if we told you that you could be your own banker—would you be interested?

Would you like to learn more about getting the returns on your investments that YOU want?

If you've answered "YES!" to any one of those questions, you might want to take a few minutes and read our FREE 12-page Special Report entitled Arm's Length Mortgages: a Strategy for Sophisticated Investors Who Want a Better Return on Their Registered Investments.

"I believe Arm's Length Mortgages are Canada's Hidden Investment Gem! For the self-directed investor, who's not satisfied with the returns on their current investments, loaning out money from their RRSP (or other products) and being able to make their own rules seems almost too good to be true. But believe me - it is VERY true. Having coordinated many of these deals with both lenders and borrowers, I assure you that they are a simple, easy and VERY profitable investment instruments. Self-Directed Mortgages have been around for many years—this isn't something new, but they are a little known product—something the Safe & Sound Real Estate Investment Group is working diligently on improving. I would love to assist YOU in getting the full potential from your investments. Let SASREIG show you how." - K. Y., TD Bank Financial Group

We will be glad to send you our FREE Special Report if you want to learn more about RRSP Mortgages. The table of contents looks like this:

  • What is an Arm's Length Mortgage?
  • The BENEFITS of an Arm's Length Mortgage for YOU, the Lender
  • The FEATURES of an Arm's Length Mortgage for YOU, the Lender
  • WHO Qualifies as a Potential "RRSP Mortgage" Investor/Lender?
  • What Are the 'Roles' of the Main Three Parties Involved?
  • How the Process Works, from A to Z
  • In Closing...

All you need to do to get a copy is go back to the Home Page, upper right corner, and enter your information in the SUBSCRIBE box.

Daniel G. St-Jean & Laurel R. Simmons

Professional Real Estate Investors


"I've gotten to know Daniel over the last few years in a business context. During that time I've noticed that he is a man of his word and consistent in what he does. I'm a little surprised at times at the things he commits to, but true to his nature he is able to do what he commits to, overcoming whatever “obstacles” he encounters along the way. He always seems full of energy and life, even when things don't appear to be running as smoothly as planned. It's been a pleasure to work with Daniel and I think I enjoy his off the wall humour the most."
John R. Walsh, B.Eng, Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Partners

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