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These Two Can Help You

As a real estate investor and a mortgage broker specializing in helping investors finance a portfolio of investment properties, I see and help resolve the financing challenges investors run into especially with the tightened traditional lending regulations over the recent years. Some of the common comments we hear from investors who are serious about growing wealth through real estate are:

  1. My bank said I have maxed out at 4 properties. Can I continue to grow my portfolio?
  2. I don't have enough of a down payment. Are there some strategies to get around that?
  3. Can I use my RRSP to invest in real estate? If so, how?
  4. How can I work with other joint venturers to invest?
  5. I am self-employed and I don't show much income, how can I qualify for a mortgage?

If you have asked yourself one or more of the above, I have great news for you. These issues are ALL solve-able through two methods:

  1. Aligning yourself with other investors and team players who have been in your shoes and have used these very same strategies to grow their wealth.
  2. Speaking with Daniel St-Jean and Laurel Simmons!

Over the years, I have worked with thousands of investors across Canada from beginners to advanced on developing traditional and creative financing strategies to grow their portfolio.

I have seen Daniel and Laurel grow a significant portfolio over a short time period of time using a combination of financing options—that many investors don't even know existed. Daniel and Laurel have developed a winning formula on how they work with joint venturers and invest in real estate.

If you are looking to significantly accelerate the rate at which you build your wealth through real estate investing, forget about reading more books and going to more investment clubs.

Daniel and Laurel will share from the heart how EXACTLY they did it and will teach you how you too can go about it and how to avoid the costly mistakes along the way.

Dalia Barsoum, Mortgage Broker and Author Of Amazon's top seller

Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing - 7 Secrets to Getting all the Money You Want

We Share a Passion

Over the past 7 years as a Real Estate Salesperson specializing in working with real estate investors I have met a lot of inspiring people. One of the biggest joys of my job is not closing the deal but being a part of my client's personal success through their real estate investments. It's one thing as an agent to help a client find their dream home, but it's a totally different ball game to help a client build their net worth and live life on their terms.

This wonderful world of real estate has now led me to meet Daniel St-Jean. Never in all of my years working with real estate investors have I met a person as passionate about real estate as Daniel. Sure, I work with a lot of active investors that have large goals that they are on track to achieving. But the volume of properties Daniel has achieved in such a short period of time truly is remarkable.

The funny thing is, I have only known Daniel for a short time but I guess it is our passion for real estate that makes me feel we have know each other for many years.

Daniel makes his teachings and practices so much fun and memorable to learn through a great use of creative acronyms. And who doesn't like a man that uses words like wonderFUNtastic, splendelightful and amazincredible!!!

What I find so refreshing about Daniel is not only his drive to personally succeed but his pure and honest desire to educate others on how they can be successful in real estate investing. Daniel is a testament to those who have a passion and/or a dream they wish to follow. Good things do not come to those who wait, rather, good things come to those who work their asses off and love every minute of it!

I look forward to many years of collaboration with Daniel and I'm sure at some point I will be a 'passenger' on one of his ambitious projects."

Andrea McDonald, Sales Representative & Inner Circle Coach for Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

Oakville, ON.


For Investors

"As an investor, I recently had the opportunity to work with Daniel to help a family take their first steps towards owning their very own home. Working with him has been a great experience. Daniel is a very well organized person who does a great job of staying on top of the details and keeping things on track. When there's an issue to be dealt with, he doesn't just come to me with the problem, but brings some well thought-out solutions. This has given me a lot of confidence that he knows what he's doing, and he's working hard to take care of my investment. Throughout the deal, Daniel has been attentive, responsive and flexible. I would certainly take the opportunity to invest or work with Daniel in the future, and look forward to doing so."
Brian Gudger, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"Safe and Sound Real Estate Investment Group (SASREIG) has made it easy for me to become a successful real estate investor in lease options while working at my full time career. I enjoy the luxury of getting an above market cash flow on my property while taking tremendous pride in the fact I am helping others purchase their dream house when they otherwise would not be in a position to do so. SASREIG does all the work in pre-screening the tenant-buyer candidates to ensure your investment is looked after. Laurel and Daniel's honesty, integrity and exceptional attention to detail ensures that Tenant-Buyers, the Investors and SASREIG are in a win-win-win situation. It is their professionalism, understanding and promptness that reduces any surprises and ensures the entire lease-to-own process operates as planned and is stress-free. They will look after your investment as if it were their own. SASREIG has exceeded all of my expectations in my first lease-to-own investment."
Chris Veaudry, Ottawa, ON

"I have known Daniel for over 20 years and I had the pleasure of meeting Laurel a few years ago. I had no hesitation investing with them as I know they are very conscientious, thorough and professional in what they do. All payments have been on time and it has been an enjoyable experience."
Patrick Ashby, Business Owner & Real Estate Investor, Almonte, ON

"I am very confident working with Daniel St-Jean. In my experience it has been nothing but positive and lucrative for me and my family. I currently have two RRSP mortgages with him. I believe in his Rent-to-own strategy and his process is truly a win-win-win for the investor, the tenant buyer and his company — as all real estate transactions should be. I've done several bridges with Daniel over the past year and I've never been disappointed. I would recommend anyone who is interested in making an excellent return with a company who is as safe as you can get to definitely invest with Daniel and Laurel."
Cynthia Gould, Professional Real Estate Investor, Stittsville, ON

"Daniel and Laurel have been an extreme pleasure to work with. From our first meeting, they were very honest and transparent about their business, and always made time to explain and answer any questions I had. Their ability to breakdown complex matters into simple, understandable pieces of information gave me assurance that they knew what they were doing. Both of them are very personable and easy to work with which is essential in any business partnership you enter into. I wholeheartedly recommend SASREIG if you want to invest your money with a company that treats you with respect, and treats your money with even more respect."
Shouvik Roy, CPA, CA, Managing Director, REAL Investment Partners, Mississauga, O

"I have received good returns on my investments with Daniel and Laurel and they kept me informed as to the status of projects."
Barbara Newbegin, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"I worked with Daniel and Laurel in 2012 on the investment side of things and found them to be honest and very considerate. I would do business with them again without hesitation. Daniel and Laurel are working with integrity on building their rent to own business."
Judy Naor, Ottawa, ON

"Daniel and Laurel, I have been investing with SASREIG for over a year now. I chose your company to invest with because, first, I agree with your philosophy of "win-win-win" - the investor, the tenant-owner and of course your company all have to see benefit. Your concern for your tenant-buyers and investors is evident, and recently, with less scrupulous rent to own companies under investigation and facing bankruptcy, I am happy to know that my money is safely invested with your company. I also chose SASREIG to invest with because of the positive feedback I got from other investors I met - great word of mouth testimonials which I am happy to do now as well! Personally, I have always found you to be open and forthright in your dealings with me and with the people I have recommended to you. You are prompt in responding to questions and communications, and you are always timely in payments. I have been treated as a friend as well as a valued client. I appreciate the educational approach you take with investors and with tenant-buyers, not only in the realm of real estate education but in passing on your extensive business background and knowledge through your seminars. Thanks for the experience!"
Joanne Murphy, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"I have been working with Daniel St-Jean for about two years now and he has consistently delivered on what he has promised. I particularly like his unique 8-Point Protection Program that virtually guarantees my investment. Whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner, Daniel’s program delivers superior returns with less risk."
Shawn Sutton, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Daniel and Laurel as an investor. My dealings were mostly with Daniel, he is hard-working, open, organized, energetic and he is true to his word. Thank you to you both! It is a pleasure knowing you, and doing business with you."
Yvanne Gagnon, Investor, Calgary, AB

"I would like to thank Daniel and his wife Laurel for their excellent management of an investment I had with them. I had to leave early and Daniel replaced my funds, covered the costs and was a pleasure to work with. He has incredible integrity and has guaranteed our returns from his personal assets. I enjoyed working with him and would like to do so again in the future."
Heather Borquez, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"Partnering up with Daniel and SASREIG allowed me to learn about his very efficient Rent to Own structure. He gives me the correct information to my questions as well as ‘actioning’ his words, both, in a speedy manner. While focusing on business, Daniel is a highly passionate and reliable person. Creating a win-win situation with his investors and his clients is very important to him as I have experienced during my interactions in his Real Estate projects with SASREIG. I highly recommend him for your joint ventures."
Erik Laflamme, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON


For Professionals

"I had the privilege to work with Daniel on Rent-to-Own investments properties in the Gatineau region. Daniel is detailed oriented which smoothens all processes. Working with his professional investors team was also a great experience. I certainly recommend Daniel and his team for any Lease-to-Own purchase."
Steve Bedard, Royal LePage La Renaissance, Gatineau, Quebec

"Thank you for choosing the Glastonbury Team to help you and your investors purchase your first Rent-to-Own investment property and launch your exciting business endeavour. Working as a team with you and your investors was a wonderful collaborative experience that resulted in your clients finding a great home they are excited about and will soon own! We extend our best wishes as you expand your company and help people purchase their first home. My team and I look forward to working with you again soon to continue making this process an exciting and enjoyable experience for your clients."
Grace Glastonbury, Royal LePage Team Realty, Ottawa, Ontario

"I have been working with Daniel & Laurel over the past 2 1/2 years and I have found them to be a good couple to work with. I work with clients in their rent to own program to help them re-establish their credit and then follow-up with them every 6 months to make sure they are progressing with their credit. I have found that Daniel & Laurel are genuinely interested in having their clients succeed in completing their term in the rent to own program and then moving on to being able to carry a mortgage by themselves. I have worked with other Rent to Own programs/investors and most never check in to see how their clients are doing, but Daniel checks in with me regularly for updates on how the clients are doing."
Margaret Shinners, owner of Mortgage Managers, Halifax, NS

"My husband and I have been in real estate for five years working in the East surrounding areas of Ottawa. We have been involved in RENT TO OWN deals for the past two years when we were introduced to Daniel and Laurel, with whom we did our very first RENT TO OWN transaction. This program was NEW in town when they arrived and working with both of them has been quite the learning experience!! Working with Daniel and Laurel is an opportunity that I recommend NO ONE refuses :)) Not only are they a great couple to work with, but they are reliable and trustworthy. They have definitely pulled MIRACLES :)) and we have had the chance to do not only one but several deals with them as their realtors.... We hear about their successes and achievements all over Eastern Canada and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future."
Tanya Myre & Iannick Champagne, Courtiers Immobiliers / Real Estate Agents, RE/MAX SUPREME INC., Hawkesbury, ON

"I've gotten to know Daniel over the last few years in a business context. During that time I've noticed that he is a man of his word and consistent in what he does. I'm a little surprised at times at the things he commits to, but true to his nature he is able to do what he commits to, overcoming whatever “obstacles” he encounters along the way. He always seems full of energy and life, even when things don't appear to be running as smoothly as planned. It's been a pleasure to work with Daniel and I think I enjoy his off the wall humour the most."
John R. Walsh, B.Eng, Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Partners


For Tenant-buyers

"In February 2010, we were fed up with our apartment. We wanted to own our own home. We had the financial means to do so but due to a recent bankruptcy no one would give us a mortgage. I saw an ad on Kijiji about rent to own your own home from Daniel & Laurel. I was curious so I sent an email. Within a day or two, Daniel called us back and helped us through the application process step by step. The process was a lot easier than I thought. Within 2 months we were looking for our new home on mls, not at homes that they had in inventory. Daniel and Laurel were with us every step of the way offering advice on homes and how to find the best buy for our family. And now, due to their hard work and patience with us, we are living in our new home. Thank-you so much Daniel and Laurel. Without you two and your program, our dream would not have become a reality."
Karen & Rick, Bourget, ON

"When we first thought about doing a rent-to-own, we were both very leery that we would have to enter a long, drawn out and stressful process. What ended up happening was the exact opposite. Laurel and Daniel’s expert-knowledge and easy-going demeanor made the entire process so easy! Laurel and Daniel not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. They exceeded our expectations and allowed us to acquire our dream. Thanks you two!"
Bob Campbell, Greenhill, NS

"We found Laurel and Daniel amazing people to deal with. They were very good with helping us find what we were looking for and get the house we wanted. The plan they offered us was really helpful because at the time we were unable to buy the house on our own. But thanks to their plan, we'll be able to do that soon. If, for one reason or another, you are unable to buy a house at the moment but would love to move in a house you like that you'll want to buy later, then I would not recommend anyone else to you other than Laurel and Daniel."
Melanie L., Hawkesbury, ON

"Safe and Sound Real Estate Investment Group (SASREIG) has helped me out to get my first property because since I am only 19, it was hard for me to get accepted for a mortgage but with SASREIG made it a lot easier for me to get the property that I really wanted to get (a 4-plex) instead of waiting to buy some other house. If it wasn't for them, I would have not gotten my house and I am very thankful for that. They were great to work with to help me obtain the property. I would recommend anyone who has a hard time getting a house they really want but can't get cause of bad credit, and who don't have the big down payment the banks want since SASREIG asks much less."
Adrien Bisson, l'Orignal, ON

"My husband and I spent a considerable amount of time speaking with and researching many ‘rent to own’ companies. It was difficult to get answers to all our questions and we decided that maybe this was not for us. Then one day, I sent an email to Daniel St Jean and unlike many other companies, I received a reply the same day. We then spoke on the phone and met in person to discuss the arrangement. Both Daniel and Laurel were very open and answered all our many, many, questions honestly and patiently. Daniel also worked extremely hard to ascertain that the arrangement would benefit both the tenants (us) and the investors. He works hard to make the deal happen and to satisfy all parties involved. If not for Daniel St Jean and Laurel, we probably would not have pursued this rent to own arrangement with any other company."
Lyne G., Ottawa, ON

"When we found out that we were expecting a baby, we realized we needed a house sooner than we could save up a down payment. Daniel, Laurel and the SASREIG team helped us every step of the way. Within four months from first meeting them, we moved into a house we selected in Aylmer, QC, a house we love and that our family can grow into."
Michelle W. & Lanze L., Aylmer, QC

"We are a simple couple with children who tried to go with the conventional bank to be able to have a chance to have our dream home. But we had road blocks that prevented us from having our dream come true. After meeting Daniel and Laurel, we got our wish. We were able to finalize all of the paperwork and a month later we were able to move into the house we always wanted and we are so grateful to them for making this happen for us. We don't know what we would have done without them. Most likely we would still be renting."
Robert and Brigitte, Casselman, ON

"My husband and I felt like we were at a dead-end and that we would never be able to buy a house with our low credit, until we found Laurel and Daniel of SASREIG. One call and we were on our way to finding a home. Thanks to rent to own and SASREIG we are now living in a beautiful home on 2 acres in Heckston that we will soon call our own."
Bev and Rob Bova, Heckston, ON

"Nous recommandons fièrement Daniel et son épouse et Laurel pour location avec option d'achat car ils sont professionnels et discrets dans le traitement d'information personnelle. Ils sont respectueux et francs lors des rencontres. Tout ce qu'ils veulent c'est aider des gens qui ont un problème à remonter leur quote de crédit rien de plus. Ce ne sont pas des gens qui sont toujours en arrière de vous pour "checker" ce que vous faites. Ils vous aident à réussir votre rêve d'avoir une maison. (Translation: We proudly recommend Daniel and his wife Laurel for doing a Lease To Own deal because they are professional, and they are discreet in how they handle personal information. They are respectful and frank when we meet with them. All they want is to help people who have a problem with increasing their credit score, nothing more. They’re not the kind of people who are constantly behind you, checking what you’re doing. They help you achieve your dream of owning a home.) "
M-P & Jon, Hawkesbury, ON

"I would strongly recommend doing business with Daniel and Laurel. They were amazing to deal with. They made time to answer all my questions and concerns, they worked long days trying to push our deal through fast so we could have our family in our home before Christmas. They are very caring and compassionate and work very hard to get things taken care of and try to make things as stress-free as they can. We have been in our home for nine months, we love everything about it and we only have Daniel, Laurel and their amazing team to thank. Thanks again for what you have helped us accomplish."
Melissa, Halifax, NS

"We really needed a home. Financially we were ok but there were other obstacles in the way that we weren't able to purchase one ourselves at that time. We thought about renting to own. We had seen Daniel's add and after thinking it through decided to call him. Like anyone else weren't sure what we were getting into. After we met a few times with him we were feeling more comfortable, we decided to go ahead with it. All the paperwork is done professionally and he is also very professional. Daniel and his wife Laurel worked with us till they got the house we really wanted. We've been with them for about a year and a half. Daniel & Laurel are very honest people and I am not afraid for my investment in my new home."
Julie, Hawkesbury, ON