Our Wishes For You For 2024

What we really wish for you and yours for twenty-twenty-four
Are things that you won’t be able to find at a seven-eleven.
They’re not a CD, a DVD or a Wii, and they can’t be driven,
But they’re all delightful things that everybody wishes for.

They’re not articles that you can buy in a shopping spree
Because they are all goodies that are absolutely free.
They’re not items that you can eat, smell, touch or see,
But when you have them, you will be filled with glee.

What we wish for you in the New Year that just started to be,
Is to be healthy (#1), to be wealthy, to be busy like a bee,
But to still find the time to hit some white balls off the tee,
And confabulate with friends over beer, wine, tea or coffee.

Busy like a bee – yes – but with time to enjoy a seashore,
To play street hockey with the kids, to shoot and score!
And may you be blessed with these four things forevermore:
Precious Health, Peace of Mind, Safe Journey, Fun Galore!

And may the S.H.A.P.E. be with you (an acronym just for thee);
It stands for Serenity, Harmony, Amity, Plenty, Equanimity.
You will agree that though happiness they do not guarantee,
All of these things are paramount to the highest degree.

In addition to Successerenity™ (something awesome to aim for)
Is a top-down, pedal-to-the-metal (like not experienced before),
Super charged, checkered-flag kind of a year, and furthermore,
ALL the Happiness you can handle in two thousand twenty-four.

Though Daniel’s verses are occasionally a bit uneven
And his talent for poetry has not yet been fully proven,
Your spirit and your soul we have aspired to enliven.
Now, know that your heart we have not forgotten…

That’s why we stand raising a glass of bubbly to thee
With two of our fingers forming the very familiar VEE,
To wish you, and everyone you consider to be family,
Peace and Love… from our hearts… in all sincerity.

Daniel & Laurel

Successerenity (TM)

It is the peace of mind experienced by people who are comfortable with who they are and the choices they have made, and who are enjoying success, with success defined as making THEIR life what THEY want it to be, for THEM.