Our 8 Quotations

Eight Sayings that Represent Our Philosophy of life

If you visited our offices, you’d notice that we have many of our favorite positive quotations and images on our walls. They represent our philosophy, and our guiding principles for our personal and professional life. We have eight favorite sayings: here they are:

“The dictionary is the only place where it is okay for business to come before people.”
–Daniel St-Jean

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

“Don’t do to others what you don’t like others doing to you.”

“Grain by grain a loaf; stone by stone a castle.”
–Yugoslavian Proverb

“You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”
–Zig Ziglar

“We will either find a way or make one.”

“First, you jump off the cliff… And you build your wings on the way down.”
–Ray Douglas Bradbury

“When facing a difficult task, act as though it is impossible to fail. If you’re going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce.”
–H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


"I would like to thank Daniel and his wife Laurel for their excellent management of an investment I had with them. I had to leave early and Daniel replaced my funds, covered the costs and was a pleasure to work with. He has incredible integrity and has guaranteed our returns from his personal assets. I enjoyed working with him and would like to do so again in the future."
Heather Borquez, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

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