A lot more information will be added to this page very soon, but for now, here are some of the key points for you to know.

If you are interested or even just a bit curious and want to know more, please go to the CONTACT US page and send us a message and we’ll send you a Word document with a lot more details regarding the 3 projects we are currently raising funds for.

All 8 of our projects are on the West coast of Costa Rica, in the Nicoya Peninsula

They are in or near Coco Beach, Brasilito, Playa Flamingo, Junquillal, Samara, etc.

What we are doing in most of these projects is simply borrowing money from private lenders, using that money to build houses - many of which will be RIGHT ON the beach - then selling the houses and paying back the lenders.

And though there are a few variations from one project to the next, as a rule we pay 12% annual interest (interest paid monthly) and we add a 3% lender’s fee at the end when the funds are returned to the lenders.

So, since almost all the loans are for 12 months, this means the ROI is roughly 15% annual.

And then there are some perks thrown in like a FREE week stay at a house on the beach if you loan $50,000 CDN or more…

Again, much more information will be added here soon…and if you tell us you want to know more, we’ll make sure to send you more!